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Anything to do with plants, landscapes, or lawns,

Our crews got you covered!​

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Our Services:

Not a licensed contractor. No work over $499 is able to be completed. Please do not call if you know the job is over $499. If you are not sure, please call for a free quote! (We are fully insured).

Landscape Design does not fall under these license requirements

Landscape Maintenance

We Provide Quality Maintenance In Orange County At Very Affordable Pricing! We Arrive Everyday With The Mindset To Improve Your Landscape, And To Make It The Best In The Neighborhood. As Of Right Now We only Work In Orange County.

Keeping a beautfiul garden will some times include flower beds. And having to change out the plant in there every season with Annual Plants or Planting Perennials to last you a life time! Any route you choose we can plant it!

Do you have patches of lawn that have died? Or some that don’t look as good anymore. We can install pieces of grass to make your lawn look the same as before! And the best part.. You won’t see the difference.

Do you want that new lawn feeling but don’t want to spend the thousands of dollars? Lawn Seeding is the way to go to save money and have that beautiful lawn. Wonderful View’s Landscape only uses Marathon Professional Grade Seed.

Getting a instant change in appearance for your landscape is possible! That’s where mulching comes to play. Mulch will give you a great look, keep weeds from growing and nutrients to your landscape.

Overgrown shrubs, hedges, or a overgrown tree, no worries! We can bring it down to the appropriate size it should be at.

Are you looking for your home to be cleaned on a monthly basis and not on a weekly? We can take care of that by coming once a month and trimming all the overgrown, weeding the beds and leaving it beautiful

You might want your home cleaned twice a year or even once a year, that is completely fine with us! We will make sure it looks 10x Better than it did before.

Is that old tree bothering you every time you come out and see it? Or do you have a tree that does not belong in your landscape? We will come to your home and get rid of it!

We love trees! And we love to make sure they are trimmed correctly! We have sculpted many trees before and all our customers love how there trees came out!

A study showed most homeowners are over paying in water bills due to irrigation leaks, or over water and bad sprinkler position. Irrigation is our specialty and we can do anything from checking your irrigation for leaks our tuning them up, to fixing a broken pvc pipe. We can also change out your valves or your irrigation timer!